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Total Conference Management – We bring it all together. 

Conference Design is one of Australasia’s leading conference management companies.  We specialise in the production and delivery of state, national and international conferences in both face-to-face and online formats, for associations and professional organisations seeking to improve and develop their meetings through a strong and effective partnership.

We have over 30-years experience providing all the necessary services integral to hosting a successful event and a proven capacity to deliver positive outcomes to all stakeholders before, during and after the actual event.

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If you’re considering hosting a conference we can provide an initial assessment with a review of potential destinations, venues, accommodation, inbound travel and off-site requirements. We develop financial models based on worst-case, likely and best-case scenarios and identify any potential financial and contractual risks.

Initial steps

The first step we take as your conference managers will be to meet with the committee to conduct a review of information from past conferences and discuss areas to develop. This initial meeting can be via teleconference or in person. Following this meeting we will produce a detailed budget estimate and task timeline as a framework to take forward and build upon.

Venue selection & contracts

Conference Design has conducted conferences in all Australian capital cities and most regional centres throughout Australia and New Zealand. We have working relationships with all major hotel chains, convention, and exhibition centres, and conference venues.

We will manage negotiations with required venues, to ensure appropriate provisions are quoted, and contracted such as suitable room sizes, layouts, catering, access, Wi-Fi, and audio visual.


If accommodation is required for the physical element of a hybrid event, we will liaise with the committee to identify suitable hotels and arrange block bookings, so that a range of accommodation price points is available to your delegates.

Supplier management

Management of all elements of your conference is integral to our role as managers.  This includes liaison throughout the event from set-up through to pack-up with exhibitors, sponsors and event suppliers such as: audio-visual technicians and staging companies; venues; interpreters; catering and transport providers; security companies; photographers; videographers; and offsite venues.

Whether you are hosting a traditional face-to-face or virtual online event, your conference is a key opportunity to engage on a completely different level with your members. 

The content and other intellectual property developed is of significant value and represents a considerable return on investment before your conference begins and long after it has concluded.

Conference Design will capture, curate, update, and host your content which becomes valuable resource for your organisation and extends the reach of the conference to a global audience.

Our ability to engage with your delegates beyond an organisational role, gives our conferences a unique appeal throughout preparation and during the event.

On the lead-up, we are in regular communication with delegates via multiple channels, handling queries via email, phone or social media, processing registrations, issuing confirmation and tax invoices, accommodation bookings and destination information.

For the duration of a physical conference we offer a 24-hour presence, including the operation of a full registration desk, providing information, advice, directions, and troubleshooting. During an online event, we are managing the content delivery at every moment; providing support; time management; and direction.

The Conference Design staff your delegates deal with when registering will also be on the frontline, delivering service during your event.

By the time the conference comes around, we will know many of your delegates and almost certainly most of your presenters, if not by face, certainly by name and we take great pride in this personal approach.

Successful conference outcomes rely on credible, informative, relevant, engaging and challenging presentations and content. 

Your Conference Design team deliver complete abstract management from the distribution of the call for abstracts, author submission, review, acceptance, program development and online or print publication.

Our system handles the process and our team manages and supports each step throughout the conference presentation and beyond.

Conference Design provides the most current and innovative resources and online solutions to streamline the abstract submission and program development process.

We manage all ongoing program updates including the addition of links to speaker abstracts, biographies, and images, across all platforms – the conference website, app, and printed material – at no additional cost.

We are mindful that while technology plays a significant and increasing role in business, we continue put a strong emphasis on ‘picking up the phone’ to speak with clients, delegates, and speakers.  Our business ethos hinges on the fact that we provide a personal, friendly, authentic, and professional service to everyone we interact with.

In consultation with the committee, we develop a strategy to maximise attendance at your conference through evaluating past events, considering likely competition for your target audience, and reviewing the structure of your conference budget.

We then assess the costs and benefits of email and mail campaigns, web and print advertising, social media and promotional opportunities before implementing a measured and effective program of creative and innovative communication.

We take a fully transparent approach to the management of your conference finances.

The features of our booking and accounting systems are broad and allow us to provide accurate reporting to the committee and importantly, we regularly monitor registrations and income against budget estimates.

Together with your conference management team, your budget will be overseen by director and owner of Conference Design, Ben Thiessen and finance manager, Trish Yeomans. Ben has 30 years’ experience in managing not-for-profit meetings and Trish has been with us for 12 years, bringing 20 years’ financial management expertise to our team. Close monitoring of all expenditure will ensure your conference achieves a financial outcome within expected parameters.

Conference Design is at the forefront of the industry in terms of integrating technology into our conferences; we have the experience and platforms to deliver the planning, promotion, and production of your conference to world-class standards.

We use ‘EventsAIR’ which is regarded as the leading and most user-friendly event booking system.  The EventsAIR program features the ‘OnAIR’ platform which provides us with the ability to deliver your event online with ease.  The features available are broad: customised registration forms; online keynote and concurrent sessions; sponsor and exhibitor engagement opportunities; live Q&A; meeting hubs and speed networking forums; live and static poster sessions; pre-webinar marketing; speaker and delegate technical support; automatic session sign in for tracking participation; comprehensive attendance and financial reporting; smart phone app integration; and many more.

OnAIR works in conjunction with GoToWebinar, YouTube, Twilio, Vimeo and Zoom, to deliver a seamless online event.

Importantly, we have the in-house competency to discuss and evaluate with the organising committee, the costs, and benefits of different technologies. We have the skills to assess new and existing technologies against the goals for the conference and within the context of the budget.

We are mindful that while technology plays a significant and increasing role in business, we put a strong emphasis on ‘picking up the phone’ to speak with clients, delegates, speakers.  Our business ethos hinges on the fact that we provide a personal, friendly, authentic, and professional service to everyone we interact with.

Conference Design has years of experience designing, developing and hosting multi-functional conference web sites.

As a key engagement point for your conference audience, your website needs to engage and inform. Conference Design applies a continuous management program for your website to ensure appropriate, relevant and up-to-date content. 

Whilst a poorly executed web site will deter potential delegates, our well-planned web strategy will maximise attendees, reduce your expenses and be self-funding.

A well crafted conference app will put up-to-date, real time information at your delegate’s fingertips, enhancing their experience, increasing engagement and saving communication and printing costs.

We provide leading-edge app solutions, tailored especially for your event including populating content directly from your conference website. 

Across most industry sectors there is no better, or more effective method for engaging with key decision makers than through conference sponsorship and exhibition opportunities.

Whether in a face-to-face or virtual event context, Conference Design develops and manages all aspects of the sponsorship strategy for your conference: establishing sponsorship targets, creating packages that will engage the market, developing a sponsorship prospectus, sourcing new sponsors, negotiating partnerships, and working with confirmed sponsors and exhibition contractors.

Sponsorship Options 

Principal Partnership and Key Level Sponsorships
Leading key level partnerships and sponsorships across Gold, Silver and Bronze options ensure complete brand exposure at the majority of delegate engagement points. 

Dinner Sponsorship
The dinner is always the highlight of the meeting. Sponsoring the dinner is a fantastic opportunity to promote your organisation in a fun and relaxed environment. The dinner sponsorship also includes a chance to address delegates.

Welcome Reception Sponsorship
This event is always a highlight for delegates. It is the first opportunity for delegates to connect at the meeting. This is also one of only two opportunities to address delegates at the conference.

Barista Sponsorship
No conference event is complete without coffee ! This opportunity allows you to sponsor an area within the catering area for delegates to have informal conversations between sessions and meetings.

Keynote Speaker Sponsorship
As a Keynote Speaker Sponsor, your organisation will be exposed to a large captive audience who will associate your organisation with a world leader in your field. A range of international and national keynote speakers will be invited to present at the meeting.

Session Speaker Sponsorship
This is a prestigious branding opportunity to be associated with a leader in your field. A range of international and national speakers will be invited to present at the meeting; please check the website for confirmed speaker and session details.

Website Sponsor
The meeting website is the main information source for delegates in the lead-up to the meeting. Regular updates and extensive program and speaker information will ensure delegates will be visiting regularly – seeing your logo each time.

Pocket Program Sponsor 
This is a great opportunity to reinforce your branding to all delegates. Each delegate will receive a copy of the pocket program when they register at the conference.

Name Badge Sponsor
This sponsorship opportunity offers prominent exposure of your organisation and logo. Each delegate will receive a name badge when they register at the meeting.

Day Catering Sponsor
Day catering sponsors will be acknowledged in the pocket program, on-line program and with A4 signs on the buffet tables.

Breakfast  Session Sponsor
This package is an opportunity for your company to host a breakfast session with a speaker of your choice. The sponsor is responsible for the speaker’s costs, catering costs and taking bookings. The committee will supply a room at the meeting venue and will promote the session with a description on the web site, in the meeting App and in the pocket program.

Conference Pads and Pens
This is a great opportunity to have each delegate using your branded pads and pens to make notes during the sessions.

Exhibitor Options 

Onsite Exhibitions
Conference Design work closely with a wide range of experienced exhibition display specialists across Australasia to ensure dynamic onsite presentation and engagement opportunities can be created for your team, products and services. 

On Line Brand Exposure 
Connecting your brand  to members and key decision makers across a virtual, online platform offers a wealth of brand exposure opportunities and we have developed many, innovative engagement points for sponsors, exhibitors and guests to engage .

Advertising Exposure
Every conference event – before, during and after  – generates its own engagement points and channels for communicating with an attentive key audience of industry decision makers. These are YOUR customers and clients  – and talking directly to them is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss!

  • Advertising Opportunities include:
    – Advertising in the Conference Pocket program
    – Satchel flyer inserts
    – Signage on site at the Conference Venue
    – Advertising in the members EDM database newsletters
    – Social Media platforms
    – Digital advertising on the Conference Website
    – Screen advertising on Virtual portal

Customised Solutions – talk to us today!

We have Sponsorship and Exhibitor options to suit every need and budget.  Those listed here are just a small part of the packages available and we welcome the opportunity to customise a solution to meet your needs.

Contact Conference Design or your Conference Manager today and discuss the best option suitable for you.

We appreciate the enormous value in bringing together members and industry stakeholders at a time when it has never been more important to remain connected and engaged with community.

Physical conferences, online events or perhaps even a ‘hybrid’ of the two – whatever the format – these industry gatherings continue to be the most valuable opportunity for sharing, networking, learning and relating to one another.

The face-to-face business events we’re used to attending will still feature the social occasions we’ve come to know, albeit possibly with some physical distancing. 

Online events present a fresh opportunity to interact easily with one another in the ‘virtual’ online space. Speed networking forums, delegate meeting hubs and even live Q&A sessions for one-on-one conversations with presenters, are just some of the social elements we can incorporate in to your conference social program.

Industries of all kinds are increasingly being put ‘under the spotlight’ regarding their approach to sustainable business practices and we welcome this movement toward minimising waste and producing environmentally sustainable business events.

Within the context of our business, Conference Design chooses wherever possible and practical to partner with suppliers, businesses, venues, and resources who can demonstrate a viable and beneficial approach to sustainability, without compromising their overall standard of performance and/or delivery. 

We place strong emphasis on social responsibility and sustainability, and this focus runs through every aspect of our business model.  We encourage our clients to carefully consider the production of branded merchandising and printed materials.