Group Structure

Our focus is on the Big Picture  

As one of Australasia’s leading specialist conference management groups, we understand the unique pressures and dynamics facing today’s professional organisations and associations.

Identifying and engaging with members and industry stakeholders, and developing major events which connect, educate, and encourage growth.  These initiatives produce long-term, sustainable return on investment and are critically important to the longevity of your organisation; they shouldn’t be ignored, nor left to chance.

That’s where we come in.

Conference Design has over 30-years experience providing the management services integral to hosting a successful conference and the value of this for your future events cannot be overstated.

We specialise in the production and delivery of state, national and international business events for associations and professional organisations seeking to develop their conferences through a strong and effective partnership.

We have an established reputation for providing a high standard and comprehensive level of organisational support for our clients.  We are large enough to be fully resourced, but small enough to provide personalised and flexible service.

Association Design provides management and administrative services to associations looking to move to the next level. We streamline processes and provide support which gives your association a solid platform for growth.

We offer more than 20 years of proven business management experience, skills in strategic planning and practical knowledge, to deliver tangible results efficiently and effectively. provides registration services, digital platforms and financial solutions for conferences of all shapes and sizes.

We provide advice on the registration process, personalised digital platforms for collecting booking and assistance for your delegates through the registration process  – leaving your committee free to focus on developing a memorable conference experience.