Online Events

Taking your conference event online.

For the past 30 years, Conference Design has been at the forefront of the meetings industry in integrating technology into our conferences. We have the experience and platforms to deliver your conference to world-class standards.

Our systems and processes streamline your conference from planning to delivery to post-conference content access.
Most importantly, we have the experience to advise you on the costs and benefits of different technologies within the context of your aims and your budget.

During the uncertainty and disruption of COVID-19 over 2020 and 2021 we successfully managed over 60 conferences for our clients. This allowed our clients to maintain their engagement with members and stakeholders over the pandemic, whilst developing financially viable models for their online and hybrid conferences.

Whether you are intending to host entirely online or a hybrid event, our team can provide the strategic advice that is required to ensure your conference is successful in terms of both the engagement and financial outcomes. Our conference managers will provide advice on the available online platforms with an assessment on the features and costs to align with your desired outcomes.

For an online or hybrid conference, the implementation is critical to your conference’s success. We can advise you on the best structure for your online conference based on your needs, including our event management platform, OnAIR.

Most importantly, we’ll give you the confidence and support to deliver your conference.

Why go online?

As you may have already discovered, this is an exciting time for organisations as new technology makes it easier for people to meet, communicate, learn, and connect; even when they’re unable to come together physically.

Online or ‘virtual’ events make attending easy – attracting participants from around the world.  There is real potential to attract a whole new audience to your conference; expanding the reach and impact of the event.  This is a fresh opportunity to provide education remotely, grow membership, and engage commercial supporters in a new and innovative space.

Online events may be familiar to you but if they are not, once engaged, your Conference Design team can take you through a sample conference so you can see first-hand the experience we will be delivering to your participants.

Your online conference structure.

Online events may reflect many aspects of traditional face-to-face conferences, but formats can be much more flexible. For example, some sessions can be live, and some can be pre-recorded. Live sessions can be broadcast over a number of days or weeks, and pre-recorded content can be available to view online at participants leisure over a prescribed period of time (on-demand).

Similarly to physical conferences, online events can include different levels of sophistication.  The decisions you make about which features will be best for your conference will be influenced by your budget, the program scale and the geographical location of your members and delegates.

We can discuss the objectives of your conference and develop an accurate budget to deliver your outcomes.

Example of OnAIR Portal Screen
Example of OnAIR Interactive Portal Screen

How Conference Design will bring it all together.

Our event management software ‘EventsAIR’ features the ‘OnAIR’ platform which provides us with the ability to deliver structured online events.
The features available through OnAIR are broad:

  • Customised registration forms
  • Online keynote and concurrent sessions
  • Sponsor and exhibitor engagement opportunities
  • Live Q&A
  • Sponsor and delegate meeting hubs and speed networking forums
  • Live and static poster sessions
  • Pre-event marketing distribution capability
  • Speaker and delegate support
  • Automatic session sign-in for tracking participation
  • Comprehensive attendance and financial reporting
  • Smartphone app integration
  • and many more

OnAIR works in conjunction with GoToWebinar, YouTube, Twilio, Vimeo and Zoom, to deliver a seamless online event.

Most of the features of a face-to-face conference can be offered online and the services that we deliver are transferable to an online event. 

Our online event capabilities can include but are not limited to marketing, managing the call for abstracts and program development, registration, presenter liaison, and sponsor management.

We are offering the platform and its development, tailored to your conference and objectives.  The only additional costs the committee will need to consider are related to data, connectivity and the necessary video production and technical support, which will be influenced by the sophistication of your program.  We will help you understand and assess these costs and potential revenue streams for all of the available options.