To Be or not to TB…

Dr William Yates1, Professor  Peter McCluskey2, Doctor  Tani Brown1

1Sydney Eye Hospital, Sydney, Australia,

2Save Sight Institute , Sydney, Australia


23y.o student referred in by optometrist with left eye inferior vein occlusion.
Reduced vision over the prior 2-3 weeks.
On examination had a left interior branch vein occlusion with neovascularisation. Evidence of occlusive retinitis on both examination and imaging.
Referred to the uveitis clinic for investigation and management.
Required investigation for causes of occlusive retinitis.
Treatment commenced for both BRVO including anti-VEGF as panretinal photocoagulation, and “presumed TB”.

(Please note the clinical history and findings with subsequent management will be explored further during the presentation)


Will is a currently a resident at Sydney Eye Hospital with particular interest in the eye manifestations of systemic diseases. He had conducted research with the Uveitis Service at both Sydney Eye Hospital and the Ocular Inflammatory Group at UNSW