Ocular Experience from Manchester – the Syphilis Capital of Europe

Dr Jane Wells1,3,4, Dr Claire Wood2, Dr Ashish Sukthankar2, Prof Nicholas Jones1,3

1Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, Manchester, United Kingdom,

2Manchester Royal Infirmary, Manchester, United Kingdom,

3The University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom,

4The Canberra Hospital, Canberra, Australia


The British Medical Journal named Manchester the “Syphilis Capital of Europe” back in 2004. To date, the population of Manchester continues to be over-represented in the incidence and prevalence of syphilis, including syphilitic uveitis, compared with the UK population.

This presentation summarises statistical and clinical findings from a retrospective observational case series of patients presenting with ocular syphilis to the tertiary referral subspecialist Uveitis Service at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital between 2002 & 2016.


Dr Wells is the Uveitis and Medical Retina Specialist at The Canberra Hospital and Senior Lecturer in Ophthalmology at Flinders University in Adelaide.  Her subspecialty training includes a combined Teaching and Uveitis Fellowship at Flinders Medical Centre in Adelaide and a Senior Clinical Fellowship in Uveitis and Medical Retina at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital.