Nikki Millard

My name is Nikki and I am one of the managers here at Association Design.

I spend my days looking after two NFP associations making sure their members are happy and providing support to the Board/Committees. But what about me the person? My professional life started as a high school English teacher with a side step into adult education, firstly as a computer trainer and then running my own business teaching people to cook (my other passion in life).

I then found myself taking up a variety of roles within office administration which I love as it allows me to work in my happy place of structure and to-do lists. I was born in Zimbabwe and from there moved to England – talk about culture shock! From there my family moved back to Africa – Zambia this time – culture shock in reverse and then back to Zimbabwe where we stayed for four years. The next relocation when I was twelve was to yet another continent – Australia and here I have very happily stayed.